By the Piano

Is this real? An actual blog post? There’s no way this is actually happening. I know this is all going through your heads at this moment. Who would have thought Abigail would ever post on her blog again? Well here I am guys, two months later and still very much alive and thriving in the … More By the Piano

The Hard Truth

Well if you’re reading this post it means I’m either leaving in a few days, I’m leaving today, or I already left. I’m writing this a month before I leave because I know that I will most likely be busy saying goodbye to people and probably crying way too much. I’ll also be too excited … More The Hard Truth

Before I Go…

Hello again to my loyal readers (basically like my mom and grandma, nice). This is one of my last 2 or 3 posts before I leave for the Netherlands on August 24th ;). I just wanted to show what leaving is like in the point of view of an exchange student. 25 days. 25 long … More Before I Go…


I haven’t posted on this blog in what feels like forever, but I have a decent reason for that… As I mentioned in the last post, I went to England for a month! Lots of things happened but I kind of don’t want to write a whole post about it since this is for exchange … More Waiting

Random Things?

Hello again world-wide web! I guess I just couldn’t stay away. So there’s just been a bunch of things happening that are too small to write a whole blog about but too important to not write about them. Actually, now that I think about it some of these things literally have no importance but I … More Random Things?

My Purpose

“I know that I will forever miss Costa Rica and the magnificent things I have been privileged to see. I will miss the warm hearted Costa Ricans smiling at me, I will miss the phenomenal memories I have created with my new friends, and all the many, many laughs we shared together. It was amazing, … More My Purpose

First Post!

Okay, first off let me start by saying that this is my first blog post! I have no idea how to write blog posts or how to manage a blog, and it took me a few hours to even figure out how to edit an image on here. Anyways… This is just my experience of … More First Post!